Walking through the past

As soon as you arrive in Podgora, you will want to take the 2 steps to the beach you have been so looking forward to and enjoy the calming charms of the clear sea. After relaxing in the deep shade of olive and pine trees, your exploration of the town and its sights will begin. Here are some of our suggestions.

Attend concerts or simply take a picture in front of the monumental “Galebova krila” statue above the harbour.

Take a look inside the Baroque Church of St. Tekla (1626 AD) and its graveyard and gravestones (from the 14th – 21st century) on St. Tekla Point.

Swim alongside the statue “Uzorita” (The Exemplary) on the cliff in front of the Medora Auri Hotel. The statue was built in honour of exemplary wives of sailors and fishermen.

Find the Mrkušić family’s Chapel of the Sacred Heart (1804) near the Podgorka Hotel.

Set off on challenging or moderate hiking paths to Biokovo National Park.

Climb up to Selo (upper Podgora) and see the Baroque All Saints’ Church, which was the spiritual centre of Podgora until 1962.

Find traditional architecture in Biokovo’s Podglogovik — temporary houses and farm buildings used during grazing season.

In the old part of Podgora, enjoy the brilliant 19th and 20th century typical Dalmatian houses with stone facades.

While you’re in Selo, rest your eyes on the dry stone walls criss-crossing the countryside, separating groves of olives, vineyards, walnut trees, lemon, orange, and tangerine orchards, carob trees, and fig trees.

Visit the monument to Don Mihovil Pavlinović on the eponymous square, and find out more about the priest, writer, and politician, founder and leader of the Croatian National Revival in Dalmatia.