At Sutikla campsite

Many guests who keep coming back year after year to their old pitch at Sutikla campsite would agree that the camping experience here is a true joy. So don’t expect glorious swimming pools, water parks, and all-day entertainment programmes. Give in to the intense experience of relaxing in natural shade between the Adriatic Sea and the alluring cliffs of Biokovo.

About the campsite
For adventure lovers looking for peace and new challenges

If you want to experience life in a true Dalmatian town, make camp at the small Sutikla campsite on the south side of Podgora, under the steep cliffs of Biokovo. Place your camper or tent in the deep shade of pine trees, olive trees, or delicious cherry plums that ripen in summer, just in time for your holiday. In Sutikla, the calm whisper of the waves interchanges with the song of cicadas and blackbirds, lulling you to sleep.

If you’re interested to hear any fascinating stories about Podgora, chat with the locals, who will be waiting for you with open arms. Perhaps you’ll find out how the campsite got its name, or why the unique, natural beaches of the Makarska riviera are covered in beautiful pebbles.

On the border between central and southern DalmatiaCOME AND VISIT US

Inspired by local stories and anecdotes, you will begin to explore this stunning region. You can choose anything from diving 40m beneath the sea to conquering the peaks of Biokovo mountain at 1,700m above sea level, either by bicycle or on foot. One thing is certain – you will be richer for a few new, intense experiences.